Welcome to Promo Code Pocker!

We wanted to thank Couponcodehoster.com for helping us get back up and running. We used one of their VPS (virtual private server) coupon codes to start up a new hosting plan with Godaddy. Turns out our website was receiving too much traffic and our original host took our website offline for a while.

First world problems!

Anyway, please be patient as we set up our website once again. We have to work mostly from scratch to rebuild. But don’t worry, we will rebuilt and come back better than ever!

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In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of how this site works:

All of our promo code look like this:

Did this code work for you?
Example Coupon Code
This is for the front page. It actually doesn't do anything at the moment.
100% off
Expires on 30/06/2017


Click on the coupon button, and a new window will take you to your desired merchant. The promo code itself will become visible. You can click it again to copy it to your clipboard.

Then, after shopping at your desired online merchant, you will enter the promo code in the shopping cart.

We try to keep all the promos on this site valid and working. But, if one isn’t working properly, simply scroll down to another promo code and try that one.

And Boom! You’re done!

Let’s get started, shall we?