Hotwire Coupons + 5 More Low-Cost Valentine Gift Ideas

No-Cost Valentine Ideas for the One You Love

Valentine’s Day has become a celebration of love for couples around the country.  You don’t have to look far to find an assortment of Valentine greetings and gifts marketed to every age group.  For romantic couples, advertising encourages the purchase of jewelry and other expensive gifts, fancy clothing, and high-end dining.  Valentine spending can strain a budget, but there are ways to show your sweetie that you care without blowing your budget.

Collect Hotwire Travel Coupons For Places You Want To Visit Together.

One sweet thing you can do is collect promo codes for travel destinations, tours, and fancy hotels that you want to visit. While the coupons will likely be out of date by the time you plan your next trip, it shows to your loved one that you dream of going on great adventures with them in the near future. You can use to gather a hotwire promo code for your dream hotel, or you can try looking at the Four Seasons website (their hotels are always amazing). If that first coupon site doesn’t work, you can also use to gather a hotwire hotel promo code instead for your dream hotel.

Make Your Own Coupon Book

Or you can design your own coupons for your special person.  Offer to do chores or something with your partner that he or she loves.  Coupons can be for anything!  Whimsical coupons add to the fun.  You can create cute coupons by drawing or using a computer to make your designs, but the content of the coupons is more important than the cuteness.

Send the Kids on a Sleepover

What is something many couples with kids wish they had?  More uninterrupted time with each other.  Arrange for the kids to stay with a grandparent or relative.  If they are old enough, they can sleep at a friend’s house.  Maybe your kids can sleep at the home of one of your friends, and later you can return the favor by taking their kids for a night.  With the children away, enjoy a quiet meal with your partner, watch a movie, play a game, and enjoy some couple time.

Watch the Kids

While this doesn’t get you couple time, your significant other might really appreciate some time alone without the kids.  Plan a time in advance where you will take the kids on an outing.  Your partner can go out or enjoy being home alone while you and the kids are away.  Every moment alone is precious, so don’t bring the kids home early.

I Love You Because…

Make a list of reasons why you love your significant other.  Then write each reason on a small slip of paper.  Scatter these papers around the house, car, purse, briefcase, lunchbox, or anywhere for your partner to find.  Using cute paper makes this even more fun.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to stress your finances.  Use a no-cost solution to show your significant other how much you care.