Investing Time & Money Wisely as a Freelance Online Writer

When it comes to freelance writing, the old saying, “time is money,” rings as true as ever. Sure you can work from a laptop in Hawaii, but you need to earn enough cash to afford that trip in the first place. Using travel promos will only get your so far!

More often than not, freelance writers act as their own boss, and with this privilege, it becomes far too easy to simply put off work.

Unfortunately, the more time you waste, the more money you waste. The following few tips should help you better understand how to use your time wisely and become more efficient at your craft.

Use Coupons to Save on Domain & Hosting for Your Portfolio Site

Well, it might not surprise you that a website called PromoCodePocker thinks you should use coupons. But it’s true, the lower your overhead expenses the better, especially when you are first starting out. Anybody who is considering hiring you will want to see some writing samples, and the best way to do that is to have an online writing portfolio website that you can direct people to. We suggest using a godaddy promo code to get yourself set up with a domain and a basic hosting plan. From there you can install WordPress, pick out a theme, upload some writing samples and you are good to go. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours and $25.

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Plan your writing during “downtime”

Most freelance projects begin in a state of planning. Planning isn’t necessarily something you have to be at your desk to do. You can do it nearly anywhere! Regardless of whether it’s at home, or in Wal-Mart, all you need in order to plan is your mind. Don’t let downtime get the best of you. Sometimes, it’s during these brief moments throughout the day that you can be your most fruitful. Having something you can take down notes quickly and easily on (smart phones are great for this), and then you can flesh out the full outline later on.

Keep it simple: Just write

Freelance writers have a bad habit of concerning themselves over the fate of their articles. Will it sell now? Will it sell later? Is it good enough? The issue with this kind of questioning is troublesome as it typically interferes with a freelance writer’s efficiency. The absolute best thing a freelance writer can do with their time is write. Write the content now and stop questioning yourself.

Set a writing schedule

Freelance writers may not always make the largest salaries, but they do have the freedom to work when they want. This can be a blessing; unfortunately, it can also be a curse. Because freelance writers often choose their own hours, it sometimes becomes too easy for a writer to push back their assignments. Procrastination not only leads to rushed and low-quality work, but it sometimes leads to tasks not getting finished at all. Freelance writers have to understand they have a responsibility to show up to work on time just like everyone else. By creating a regular schedule to write, you not only build healthy writing habits, but you also give yourself the mental freedom of understanding when it’s alright to take a break, and when it’s not.

Freelance writing can be very productive and very rewarding. It’s the self-discipline that is built over time that helps keep freelance writing a long and healthy career. Simply keep this in mind: as your own boss, don’t let yourself waste time.