GoDaddy Promo Codes

Here it is: the best promo code website on the internet is offering up some astoundingly good coupon codes for the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting company. We’re talking about CouponFeed.
Seriously, if you know someone who owns a website as a small business, there’s a 25% chance that they are hosted on GoDaddy’s servers somewhere. While that stat doesn’t sound all that amazing now that we write it out, in the United States there aren’t that many monopolies when it comes to tech businesses.
And right now they are offering some pretty amazing GoDaddy coupon codes to incentivize small business owners to sign up with them.

GoDaddy Coupon Code

What We Lost: Renewal Coupon Codes

Go ahead and search the web. What you’ll find is a barren wasteland of old and invalid promo codes for hosting renewals. In the good old days, when your GoDaddy products were coming up for renewal, you had time to search for some promo codes on the internet that would save you 10%-20% off your host. Sure, these discount codes weren’t as good, or as lucrative, as coupons for new products, but they will saved you a chunk of change. But somewhere in 2015, GoDaddy stopped offering them altogether.

Why? We’re guessing that, because you’re already in the ‘godaddy ecosystem’, it didn’t make sense to offer existing customers incentives to change. How many people are likely to migrate their hosting and domain names to another host just to avoid the renewal costs? While we’re sure there are a few out there, GoDaddy is at least betting that the vast majority will grin and bear the cost.

Public filings for GoDaddy up to their IPO (initial public offering) showed that the website was in quite a bit of debt, so this move was likely to shore up cash for the company and make it more attractive to investors. And so far there hasn’t been an uproar of any kind over the whole matter.

Is this a smart move from a business point of view? Only time will tell.

What’s New in Promo Codes For GoDaddy?

Now that GoDaddy is a publicly traded company, they have shifted their coupon codes to focus more on up-selling add-on products, rather than their core products. So right now you can find lots of promo codes for their website builders, Microsoft Office 365, and various antivirus products.

That being said, you can still find coupon codes for 99 cent .COM domain registrations, which is an amazing deal. Other hosting providers will offer it up for free with a web hosting package purchase, but 99 cents is a great deal if you’re purchasing a domain name all by itself.

Speaking of web hosting, they also offer a pretty competitive godaddy hosting coupon code for $1/month, which works out to $12/year to have a website live and ready to go. That includes a free domain name, by the way, so you’re good to go for just that $12.

The downside is that this hosting plan is…you guessed it: bare bones. You can host one domain name on it. So if you have another idea for a website, you’ll need to get another hosting plan. You might think that starting up another whole hosting plan for $12 doesn’t sound bad, except that both these hosting plans will renew in a year’s time for $150 each. So the savings now will end up costing you later.