Do Renewal Promo Codes Still Exist?

Renewal Coupons for Godaddy?

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A couple of years ago, a seismic shift started to happen for customers of the world’s largest domain registrar. Renewal coupons, unlike a regular set of godaddy coupon codes, where you could save 10%-20% off your upcoming hosting or domain name renewal, started to expire. And there didn’t seem to be anymore coming to replace them.

Popular forums like, which had dedicated threads to GoDaddy’s ever-evolving list of coupons, were suddenly flooded with customer requests for codes that will still work for renewals.

And no one could find anything. 

Is The Only Reason to Be a GoDaddy Customer is Gone?

Of course the company staked its claim as the largest domain and hosting company in the world mainly because of deals like this: it provided a low barrier of entry for many people looking to start websites for their business in the early-aughts. You could start a website for $12 or so dollars and, when the renewal period came up one year later, you could still save a little on the hosting renewal, which usually costs over a hundred dollars per year.

GoDaddy’s Reasoning: Increase Cash Flows

godaddy renewal promo codesIt’s a rule of thumb in business that, once you have a customer, it’s incredibly cheap to keep them. Most likely they won’t leave unless you give them a big enough reason to. When GoDaddy was giving out renewal coupon codes, they were saving existing customers money. Now: take that away, and some customers will leave. But for the most part, customers will shrug and bear the extra cost because it’s a small price to pay for stability.

When Go Daddy stopped offering these discounts, they were just about to become a publicly traded company. They carry a lot of debt, and one of the ways to shore up that cash was to get rid of unnecessary discounts (to them at least). jaanuu promo code

All Renewal Promo Codes All Gone?

Well, yes and no. The universal ‘promo code’ for GoDaddy renewals is a thing of the past. There’s nothing that still works for every customer.

BUT there are special exclusive coupons that GoDaddy will email you to try and get you to renew early. They typically show up 2 months before your renewal payment is due, and the code itself only works for you. Not all customers get them, and we don’t know exactly why some get them and others don’t. But if your renewal is coming up, look for an email from

As this site will attest, having a domain registrar or web host with renewal coupons¬†is actually a pretty rare thing. Most web hosting companies lure you in with great discounts and initial free months, but when it comes time to renew your hosting, you get charged the regular price. There’s also steep penalties for moving your website from one host to another (believe me, I know).

That’s why, in a pure business/economics sense, the best domain registrar and web host to go with is Godaddy. It’s already one of the lowest-cost providers in the industry, but as the years go by and you save 30% or more on each renewal, the savings can add up to a lot.

Some people don’t like commitment…and I get that. I know someone that won’t even buy green bananas. He’s that afraid of it. No one’s forcing you into choosing Godaddy. I’m just saying that, if you do, here are some promo codes that will help you save some money:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then try this website for GoDaddy renewal coupon codes.

Best Godaddy Renewal Coupons Right Now:

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